The Think Eze is the ideal boat for a lot of people. It’s fast, fun, and sporty, with the soul of a racer, yet it’s 17 x 20dimensions make it maneuverable, stable, and forgiving. The Ezes hull shape creates a strong platform for new paddlers to develop their technique with confidence. The ergonomics are excellent, and seat comfort outstanding. Experienced paddlers will love the quickness and maneuverability of the Eze, and be blown away by how easy and fun it is to surf. A boat that puts a smile on every face!


$3,495 (Elite) /$3,195 (River) $2,795 (Performance)


Brand: Think
Model Year: 2014
Usage: Ocean racing
Intended paddling environment: Open Ocean / Downwind Racing/River or Harbour Marathons
Designer: Think Kayak
Constructions Available: Elite Layup, River Layup, Performance Layup
Available colors:
White & Yellow (Elite)
White & Blue w Kevlar Hull (River)
White & Orange (Performance)
Length: 5.2 m 17

Width: 51 cm 20'
Weight: 12.5 kg (Elite)/15.5kg (River)/15.5 kg (Performance)

28 lbs (Elite)/34 lbs (River)/34 lbs(Performance)