All 2015 models skis and SUP remaining are $100 off.  And if you buy a G'Power Galaxy II (small or medium), you get a Deluxe Paddle Bag for FREE*.                Ask us for details.  

Currently the 2015 inventory includes an Ace Performance layup, an Evo II Elite layup, a 14' XOR SUP, and the XOi Inflatable SUP.

Additionally we have a few Demo Models at deep discount:

Think Eze Performance Layup.  MSRP $2695, Demo price $1795---Get an advantage over other stable skis. This boat is fast and compact!  Perfect for smaller paddlers looking for a great fitness or racing boat. 17 foot length by 20 inch width makes storage and portaging easy, while a slightly flattened and widened aft hull will enhance your surfing enjoyment.  Excellent at picking up smaller set swell  found in lakes.
Think EVO II River Layup-  Yes! We have this beautiful, unique, versatile boat in stock! Contact us today to take it for a paddle. The river layup is perfect for the privateer: strong, light, and ready for whatever you can throw at it!  Carbon kevlar weave hull is light, but also strong enough to handle downriver hits.Distributor weighed at 31 lbs. Just above elite weight. Very reasonable for racing.  Side grab handle makes it easy for portaging and offers added safety in rough conditions.Under stern and Smart Track kick up rudder ready.  MSRP $3195 or $3345 including smart track rudder, Demo price $2695 or $2795 including smart track rudder.
Think Uno Max River Layup- This is the ONLY river layup Think Uno Max currently available in the United States. You can have one of the fastest boats in the world in a unique and versatile layup.  It goes where you go---fast!  MSRP $3195 or $3345 including smart track rudder, Demo Price $2695 or $2795 including smart track rudder.

And remember, financing is available through Nextep Funding.  Check it out and see how low your monthly payments will be.