1.       Why Surfski?

--Surfskis are sea-worthy, simple like stand-up paddle boards, light and easy to lift, fast and efficient, excellent for fitness and racing, and do not require extensive self-rescue training.  Because of their sleek design, and ability to surf, they are the fastest self-propelled water crafts available.  And they are FUN!

2.       But it’s so expensive!

--The price ranges from $2695 to $4395.  Although the initial price may seem daunting, it is comparable to many other fitness activities and is considerably less than many which require constant repair and other ongoing costs (e.g. cycling, jet skis). You will likely need the boat, a PFD, and a paddle and you are done.  And unlike a gym membership with ongoing monthly fees, you own something of value rather than renting your fitness. 

3.       I still can’t pay that much up front.

--We accept all major credit cards.  There is a 2.9% processing fee.

4.       Do you have any other funding options?

--We have partnered with NEXTEP funding to offer a lease to own option.  It is easy to apply and it will allow you to make affordable monthly payments so you can begin enjoying your surfski now!  Click on any of the NEXTEP logos to apply for funding and find out if this option is right for your budget.

5.       Is it all an upper body workout?

--Surfskis include a foot board enabling leg-drive.  Proper paddling technique requires you to use your lower and upper body in unison for maximum power and efficiency.  It is a total body workout!

6.       Is it dangerous?

--There are always inherent risks in any water sport, especially when venturing into the open ocean.  That said, the boat is a flotation device which self-bails water.  You sit on top, not under a skirt.  You do NOT have to learn to roll! They are easy to remount and don't require extensive capsize recovery training.

7.       Can I lift it on my car?

--Our surfskis weigh between 24 lbs and 34 lbs and are easy to car-top.

8.       I have a sea kayak.  What’s the difference?

 --Although sea kayaks are a wonderful way to experience the water, a good deal of self-rescue procedures should be learned, as well as rescue equipment purchased and carried along.  A surfski enables you to get on the water more easily and with less equipment.  It is designed to surf the ocean swell, thus making it safer than an ocean kayak.  Additionally, surfskis are generally faster and more able to utilize full body engagement.