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Joseph Di Chiacchio

State of Tennessee Probation and Parole Officer by day, Joseph Di Chiacchio was originally born in Washington D.C.  but has also lived in: Washington State, California, Georgia and Tennessee.  A strong believer in the positive effect of balancing physical activities with other aspects of life, Joseph has participated in a variety of sports and activities including among others: cycling, music, martial arts, kayaking and surfski.

He currently spends the majority of his time between the surfski and martial arts and is always looking for an opportunity to race or otherwise share his love of ski paddling with others.

Myrlene R. Marsa

Relatively new to competitive sports, Myrlene grew up on a lake in Michigan where she learned to canoe as a child.  She found the surfski in the summer of 2014, and immediately fell in love with the ease of the sport.  Planning to use the ski for fitness, for kicks, she decided to enter a race and loved it so much she now works diligently to improve her skill. In her non-paddling life, she practices criminal defense law, has a son in college, enjoys time with her family, Joseph and his sons, does yoga, reads, teaches her dog to kayak and finds excuses to be outside in good weather.