The world is outside the front door. My experience with home ownership has been akin to wearing a ball and chain.  I’ve always said that if I could get away with living in a box I would happily do so in order to keep life simpler and allow for more freedom to experience the world from a different perspective. 

Enter the surfski. 

I’ve spent my time in gyms and still occasionally will have a momentary lapse of reason and join one of the local weight shacks.  It never takes long to realize that I’m throwing away my money.  Oh sure, it starts out with great intentions: maybe I’ll work my core, or build this or that, lose weight or gain strength. Without fail at the end of the prescribed period of time, I still have all the same, er “attributes” as when I started.

As I look back over my life, the times that have had the most positive effect on my health and body have come as a result of being involved in a physical endeavor.  As an added benefit, these endeavors have resulted in much more than just the added enhancement to physique and health.  They have resulted in amazing experiences, some with major life changing implications. Often, the experiences have also left behind a skill set that continues to enrich, protect,  or in some cases, open new doors.

On a surfski, I have already witnessed a myriad of sights completely alien to me in my pre-aquatic life.  I’ve watched my body increase muscularity in ways that the gym never could duplicate, all while simultaneously seeing my weight drop to levels close to my high school years, and meeting many unique and interesting people who share the same love of the surfski.

I recently put together a very conservative estimate of a long distance paddling race:

1 paddle stroke= 10 lbs of force. 60 SPM X 10 lbs of exerted force= 600 lbs per minute. 600 lbs per minute X 60 minutes = 36,000 lbs of force per hour. 36,000 lbs per hour X 5 hours of non stop paddling = 180,000 lbs.

The best part of all is that being on the surfski doesn’t “feel” like exercise at all. Maybe that’s why it works so well!